Wanted: Business Development Star!

Great things are happening at GimmeQuotes and it’s time for us to bring in the right people to help build the company. So if you’re interested in a really important role at a funded Sydney-based start up and you’ve got an awesome work ethic, then we could be welcoming you to the team very soon.

The Role: Business Development

Business Development is a succinct title, but the role is a lot more than that.

We have hundreds of service requests posted on GimmeQuotes each month – people wanting conveyancing services, fencing quotes or an electrician. We need to make sure that we have high quality businesses registered with us who can respond to the customer quickly and give them a quote.

That’s where you come in. We need someone who is confident, friendly and happy to talk to a lot of businesses on the phone. And it’s a great proposition that you’re calling with – we have a hot lead and we want a business to speak with the customer and get the job!

The first couple of leads are free for businesses, so you are simply inviting businesses to register with us and to potentially win some new business. If they like the system and want more leads they can pay down the track for future leads.

It’s not just reading from a script like a telemarketer – this is using your personality to build relationships with business owners. And after all, we have what businesses want – access to customers!

Learning And Discovery

In order to build the right business, we need to be continually learning from customers – both those who post jobs and the businesses we want to fulfill them. We need to know what’s working and what’s not working. We need to know where our offering is missing the mark or what opportunities may be out there based on the feedback we get.

That won’t be your responsibility alone, but it will be vital that you pay attention and learn from customers so you can give feedback to the founders.

If you want to read more about the role of Customer Development (which is what we’re looking for) over a traditional sales job (which this job isn’t) then read this great Steve Blank blog post. Especially the second half.

But Wait There’s More…

Because there’s always more to do in a start up. So while Business Development/Customer Development will be the focus there may be other marketing initiatives you’ll need to be involved with from time to time. So expect this to be a dynamic, varied and interesting role, where you know you’re a valued team member. As part of our shared office space you’ll get to meet lots of other start up businesses as well as successful start up people.

The Details

We’re based in Sydney, so you’ll need to be here. We’ll be working in the Sydney CBD until about July 2012. After which we may continue working there or we may move back to Norwest Business Park (Hills District) where we have worked before – but we’ll work that out in due course.

We’re looking for about 20 hours per week at the moment. We’re imagining that the role will fit in well with a uni schedule, where you come to work 3 or 4 days per week. Sometimes full days, sometimes part days. ┬áBut if you think you’re right for the job and more or less hours suits you, then get in contact and persuade us.

We’ve asked around and have an hourly rate in mind that we see as fair. But what we’re offering is of course more than just the money – we want to hire talented people with vision and work ethic and we’ll offer an experience in a start up environment that is rare.

How To Apply

Please email us your CV to jobs@gimmequotes.com and include a cover letter or introductory email. The sooner the better.