Thinking of starting a garden at home? Here are some steps and things to consider.

Decide on a theme or idea about the look and type of garden you wish to create. Would you appreciate a vegetable, herb or flower garden most? And what type of vegetables, herbs or flowers do you want to plant. Do you want flowers that need to be replanted each year or flowers that continue to grow year after year? These are just some things to consider when deciding on a direction for your garden.

The next stage is to pick a spot for the garden. Most flowers and vegetables need up to 6 hours of sunlight per day, so the location of your garden is important for plant life. A good tip is to put the garden somewhere it can’t be ignored, like outside the back door or by the bedroom window. This will stop it from being neglected and allow it to prosper.

Once you have a theme and location for your new garden, the next step is to clear the chosen area. The best way to do this is to dig out the top layer of grass and soil until there is fresh dark soil visible underneath. Then compost can be added to improve the quality of the soil and create a better environment for plants. You can also test your soil quality if you are worried that it might not be currently able to grow the plants you want.

When the top layer of grass or weeds is cleared and the soil is of a satisfactory quality, its time to plant! Try and avoid planting in the colder months during winter, as most plants don’t tolerate the cold too well. An easy method for beginners if your seeds are struggling is to buy young plants and just transfer them into your home garden, although some might call that cheating.

Once you have planted your seeds or young plants, it’s a matter of constant watering and sunlight. When the seeds are newly planted, water them everyday and then taper off once the plant begins to grow. The same process is the best for the transferring of young plants from a pot into your garden.

To keep water in the soil and stop weeds cover the soil in a layer of mulch. Keep watering when needed and getting rid of any visible weeds and you are well on your way to a fantastic garden.

“Good gardeners take care of their plants, remember to weed ‘em and reap.”