Energy Efficiency in the Home

With the cost of living constantly rising, saving money on your energy bill has become more important than ever. We have looked at some ways to minimize your energy bill and environmentally friendly innovations for the home.

Common tactics to minimize your energy bill in the home include, switching appliances, TV’s etc off at the wall, using energy efficient globes, using a power board and using lamps and spotlights.

Minimize energy use in the kitchen

– Thaw food in the fridge to reduce cooking time in the microwave or oven.
– Keep pots covered when using the stovetop to reduce cooking times. This is a very easy thing to do and can decrease cooking time dramatically
– Use an electric kettle for boiling water instead of the stove.


– Only run the washing machine on a full load and hang clothes on a clothesline rather than using a dryer. Dryers are extremely expensive to run.

The bathroom

– Installing water-saving showerheads and reducing your showers to less than 5 minutes will reduce hot water and energy use.
– Switch off any electrical devices that live in the bathroom to reduce power use.

In the Backyard

– Place sprinkler systems and lights on timers. This will save water and energy throughout the day.
– Use solar power for outside lights.
– Separate your lights so you can have them on individually, depending on which areas you want lit, instead of having multiple lights on at the same time.

Cooling and Heating

– Reduce heating by closing doors and windows.
– Using an electric blanket to heat a bed saves more energy than using a heater in the bathroom or bedroom.
– Clean your air conditioner to reduce the amount of energy the appliance needs.
– Also do not forget to turn your air conditioners off overnight!

With winter fast approaching and temperatures getting much colder, these energy saving methods could be extremely helpful so that families can remain warm without getting hit where it hurts, the back pocket.