Rodent Pest Control in the Home

Getting rid of rodents around the home can be difficult but it is a necessary form of pest control. Mice can seem harmless but these rodents can carry diseases that can affect both humans and your other pets in the house. Leaving these pests in and around the home can cause your children or pets to become ill. These pesky rodents can eat your food, ruin the cleanliness of your home and contaminate areas by leaving urine, faeces and hair. Finally they carry horrible diseases like salmonella, gastroenteritis and dysentery and female rodents are capable reproducing very quickly and if you don’t have them removed from your house could be overrun.


The first thing to do is to get a professional pest controller to inspect the house and measure the extent of the problem and identify the particular species that is in the house. They will also put together an eradication plan by tracking the entry points the rodents use to get into the house. These might include cracks and holes in screens, windows, roof vents and concrete bases. The most common treatment is to use rodent baits. These contain anti-coagulant, which cause the rat to die from internal bleeding. To avoid having dead rats in your house, traps and glue boards can be used alongside baits, making the removal of dead rodents easy afterwards. There is no easy way to get rid of these pests. Speaking to a professional will help the removal occur as cleanly as possible. Good sanitation practices will also help keep rats and mice out of the house. Leaving food and rubbish exposed will attract these rodents.

Shop around to find the most knowledgeable pest control expert you can for the cheapest price.