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Mechanic in Currajong, QLD 4420

Project Description

Hi ******** I have a number of problems with my car as noted by another mechanic, and have listed them below and was wondering if you repair all the following problems, and approximately how much it would cost? I am looking for a good deal as my last mechanic i believe was asking way too much. I have listed what the last mechanic has quoted and am wondering if it is possible to get a quote from your mechanic? Cheers :)

Vehicle Report
All Prices Include Fitting And Gst.
Drivers Door Window Replacement $***
Timing Belt Due ( No Signs, Records) Full Kit $***
High Mount Brake Light Is Out $**
We Advise A Fuel Injection System Service, ( Carbon Clean) $***
A/c Compressor Has Its Wiring Cut Through / Rubbed By Pulley (is it possible to fix this with tape at the same time as fixing the timing belt???)
Oil Leaking From Rocker / Tappet Cover. $***
Over Due For Service $*** ( Includes Flush )
A/c Belt Requires Replacement, Cracked $** If Done At Timing Belt Job Time
Noisey Front Left Wheel Bearing, Also Has Bearing Movement !!!!! $*** (approx) Both Time
Perrished Left Outer Cv Boot / Nut Also Possibly Loose ??

Thank you and I hope you can help me.







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