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Mechanic in Wynnum, QLD 4178

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Just an enquiry - because if you don't ask, you'll never know. Besides **% of jobs aren't advertised.

My Name: ********** and I have a ** yr old boy renting one of rooms at my home in Wynnum. He has a passion for cars and is working as a labourer. He's a hard worker but from what I have seen in him he is wasting his talents NOT working with cars. He has a passion for them. His father is a mechanic in Adelaide and he eventually wants to become a mechanic too but in the meantime he would love to just do any type of work as long at it is around cars.
He is currently employed full time.

He has done many jobs around my home for me and appears to be a lateral thinker. I mean, he can fix anything. He can pull a DVD apart and fix it for me, changed a tyre on my car in no time at all, changes locks on doors. He amazes me at just **. He doesn't drink and realises that to work hard now he will reap the rewards later.

Anyway if you do have any position that become available for a junior, please email me and he can call in with his resume.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


**** ******







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