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Mechanic in Deception Bay, QLD 4508

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To whom it concerns;
My Name: ********** Harby, I am **yrs old and looking for a Mature Age Apprenticeship within the Automotive/Repairs industry. I am genuine, keen to learn, and a quick learner, whilst being reliable and friendly and professional. This is an industry that I want to get into, and have for some time, just havn't had the opportunities previously, but know that this is a career path/choice that I genuinly want to pursue.
I know that taking on a MA Apprentice is hard, and financially challenging for most business's, and hope that some consideration might be given.
Im not out to prove anything or impress, this purely is a change of career, into something that i want, and for my long term goals and future.
For reference, I am a single mother, and share care my children, wk on wk off, but care arrangements are all in place. This isn't a whimsical idea, this is to gain entry into a role and career that I know that I want.
If you may believe there is something that you have or know of someone that could help, your help would be much obliged.
Thankyou for your time.
Kelly Harby, **********






Deception Bay

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