Project Title

Mechanic in Deception Bay, QLD 4508

Project Description

Len or Gary,
My Name: ********** Harby, and I am a friend of Wayne Auld. I was given your details as I am looking for a Mechanical Apprenticeship. Wayne speaks very highly of you all, and I thought I would email to see if you have any apprenticeships available. Though, in saying this, I need to point out that I am **yrs old and female, which not so much the female part, but the being ** yrs old part, has been a rather large hinderance in gaining this role. I would like to say briefly, that I am genuine, I am sincere in my want, to gain such a role and have basic mechanical knowledge. I have wanted this for along time, and now have the chance to put myself out there and hopefully get an opportunity to get my foot in the door. Being a single mum too, does not go well, but please know that I have bases covered
, plus I share care them, so have every second full week free to add extra time on the job.
I have wanted this for a very long time. This is not a whimsical idea, this is not to prove to anyone anything, but this is because i love the trade, and want to be involved in it. I am not your average woman, and can deal with all work environments, people and situations. I can't explain how eager and genuine I am. If you have anything, or would consider me for a role, please don't hesitate to contact me, via email or on **********.
Thankyou for your time.






Deception Bay

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