Project Title

Main board upgrade from ceramic to rcbo to suit renovations.

Project Description

3br weatherboard on stumps with adequate crawl space below.
3 phase federal board in metal B&R cabinet
Retain 3phase main sw
Retain single ph off peak main sw
Replace ceramic fuses with rcbo
Replace 3ph cartridge fuses with 3ph rcbo
Room for 2 row 8pole board/ load centre

1x4mm tail hws.
1x 2.5mm tail kitchen/ family.
1x 2.5mm tail kitchen/lounge.
1x 4mm tail stove.
1x2.5mm tail bath/ bedrooms.
2x1mm tail lights
1x2.5mm tail evap cooler.
1x2.5mm tail to workshop sub board.

New 2.5mm TPS for laundry has been run in. Fit off both ends.
New tail and 3ph outlet required below meter box to 3ph rcbo. no tail present at existing 3ph fuses.


within a week


Electrical services



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