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Personal loan in Everton Hills, QLD 4053

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Im not sure if you can help me but I am writing to see if my current home situation would be able to pass and apply for a personal loan with your company.

Due to my partner having a major lung operation he hasnt worked for the last * weeks. I am the sole income earner for at least the next few months as he needs a longer recovery period, we are struggling to pay bills and rent and are way behind already.

I unfortunately have a part * agreement on my file that has only $*** left to pay but cannot get a loan from anyone and my partner cant apply due to no income.

Are we able to apply together and use his car as a security as he has recently paid it off and now owns it outright. Its a **** Nissan Tiida sedan.

Can you please help or point me in the right directon.

Thanks for your time.




Personal loan


Everton Hills

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