Project Title

Fencing & gates in Silkstone, QLD 4304

Project Description


Ive just purchased a property at * Cambridge St, Silkstone.

Could you please provide me with a quotation for the following:

* set of gates on the driveway. Gates to be situated at the front corner of the house. Gates to be full driveway width opening both ways if possible. Quotations for plain top, loops on flat top and loops on raised centre in white please. ****mm high. std latch.

* fixed ARC / std mesh to match exisiting panels at non driveway side of house (between perimeter fence and house) (nothing special, even an off-cut if possible)

* fixed ARC / std mesh to match exisiting panels at rear of yard next to exterior wall of neighbouring shed/garage (nothing special, even an off cut if possible)

The above measures are required to rent the property with an enclosed yard. As we are in Western Australia and have yet to inspect the property any suggestions or additions
perimetres that you think would be benneficial would be appreciated.

Quote required Early DECEMBER. Work in late DEc or early new year. payment via Bank Deposit or Credit Card.

Greg Powell
** Leslie St
Mandurah WA

**** *** ***




Fencing & gates



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