Project Title

Building & renovation in Edge Hill, QLD 4870

Project Description


We are looking at obtaining a wooden kitchen island bench.
We have just purchased a Qlder Cottage in Edge Hill, Cairns and seeking to have an island bench to complement the rustic wooden look of the kitchen(all stained timbers used for existing shelving/benches etc.)
At this stage we are looking at an island bench in a high top Qlder cottage, all wooden kitchen.
Shelving/storage underneath, a definite yes and open area.
On wheels/moveable - ideally - more versatile but not sure how it would go on a wooden floor - concerns of damage to floorboards.
Dimensions ,well at least *metre X **cm workable bench top
Can bench tops be made that could be used for chopping/grinding pastes etc and handling hot items etc.?

As a matter of interest, have you previously made island benches and if so, could you share some pictures of them. This would give us more ideas to work from.

Hope that all helps in assisting you to develop a rough budget.


**** *** ***




Building & renovation


Edge Hill

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