Project Title

Building & renovation in Safety Beach, NSW 2456

Project Description

Hi ******** looking over your last amendments to answer your queries about stove, no kickboard required as the stove is freestanding on legs.Overhead cupboard ** can be one door,the unequal space between overheads around window is fine as is.The only thing that we really want is the door of the pantry to be no smaller than ***mm, to achieve that you can take off more from drawers *. The kick board is to be the aluminium finish.On the last email you have shown overhead ** &** to have glass front doors, is that so?. we went to the Lincoln Sentry web site but didn't find the garbage unit you were talking about, could you advise *******@******** saw a unit called NPR **** ***-*** double pullout unit, but know price or if it will fit. Also we haven't talked about handles, we don't want any handles on the overheads we would like the touch opening mechanisms, please advise. On the bench cupboards we not sure what handles you have available. We are ready to confirm the order as soon as possible.
PS our computer is down so we have to use our daugther's mail address until further advised.




Building & renovation


Safety Beach

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