Project Title

Plumbing, drains and gas fitting in City Beach, WA 6015

Project Description

The manager , Majestic Plumbing , Mt Hawthorn


We have an established water leakage from a hidden pipe
under the kitchen sink , possibly located under the slab
[locaion City Beach , house built ****]. There is no doubt about the leakage , it is audible and the water meter is turning over when all taps in-and outside the house are turned off.
[our son assessed the leakage rate at over * litres in ** mins ie. abt ***litres/day]. The main is currently turned off.
It is not an insurance case.

The exact position of the leakage needs to be established to decide whether the spot is reasonably
accessible or whether a bypass pipe should be laid to the
kitchen sink.
No doubt you have sonic leak detection equipment ?
What is your hourly charge ?
Would you like to give us a quote ?
We would love to meet someone from Majestic on site
say next Monday [November *nd] to discuss.

[We are currently out of Perth and will be back at the end of
the week]. Pls reply by email to klaus* , as we have our laptop with us.

. Groth




Plumbing, drains and gas fitting


City Beach

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